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Hardware development of processing industry will usher in a new foreign trade pattern

   Since the machining industry is lagging behind in developing countries and the overall aging, the prevalence of strong demand for imported products, hardware tools, at present, China's hardware products exports pick up, metal processing industry usher in a new development pattern of foreign trade. After the international economic recovery, hardware tools ushered in the golden period of development of export markets, especially in developing markets. Hardware products businesses took quickly to seize this great opportunity, through trade agreements and exchanges, and gradually open up a huge capacity of export markets and trading business.

      Relevant statistics show that China Tools industry after decades of construction and development, has initially formed a relatively complete product, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system has become the world's second addition to a large number of Japanese with producers. However, as a basis for numerical control cutting technology, our manufacturing tools at the technical level and quality of performance and other aspects of measuring instruments, with foreign advanced level there are still large gaps. Rapid recovery of the international economy, to further promote the comprehensive hardware products export situation is good, but also to the hardware industry has brought more room for development. Strong domestic demand, vigorously expand foreign markets, both of which combine to create a good hardware industry, the golden period of development.



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