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The development trend of CNC machine tools

The development trend of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools have been around for half a century, it has experienced from the digital control (Numerical Control-NC), direct digital control (Direct Numerical Control-DNC) to today's manufacturing CNC universal application (Computer Numerical Control-CNC). Looking to the future, the development trend exactly how the problem of universal concern.

CNC machining technology is based programmable automation equipment, machine tools can be run automatically according to set procedures, the operator and processing equipment to be separated in time and space, giving tools and processing system certain intelligence and autonomy, it the basic tracks are interactive information processing and integration.

Can predict that in the next three to five years, States machine tool manufacturers and R & D institutions will compete for the high ground of the following areas:

1. Virtual Machine (NC Verification).
By developing mechatronics, hardware and software integration of simulation technology to achieve design performance levels and improve the use of the machine.

2. Green Machine (Green Machining).
It emphasizes energy conservation, environmental impact and strive to production system will be minimized.

3. Smart Machine (Smart Machining).
Improve reliability, precision and overall performance of the production system.

4. e- Machine (Autonomous Machine).
As well as to improve the independence of interaction with users and managers the ability to produce the system, so that the machine is not only a processing equipment, but has become the enterprise management network node.

Green Machine will become a hot topic

Is converted to machine the blank parts machine tools, in the course of not only energy consumption, but also produce solid, liquid and gaseous wastes, directly or indirectly caused pollution of the work environment and the natural environment. From examining the entire life cycle of the machine to minimize the adverse impact on the environment green machine has become a hot research topic.

What is a green machine? It should have the following characteristics:

1 machine tool parts made from recycled materials.
2 Machine weight and volume reduction of over 50%.
3 by reducing the moving mass and reduce empty running power and other measures to reduce the power consumption of 30 to 40%.
4 Use a variety of wastes generated in the process reduced by 50 to 60%, to ensure the basic no pollution working environment.
After 5 scrapped machine 100% recyclable material.


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