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The main factors affecting the engraving What?

CNC engraving machine body weight of primary members, strong rigidity, constant power spindle speed, wide range, low-speed torque, can be heavy cutting. High-precision, high speed rigidity imported from Japan NSK Bearings. By AC servo motor and ball screw coupling via direct connection, catheters are used deputy linear rolling guideways well-known brands, static friction coefficient is small, fast response. Machine design uses mechatronics structure, control cabinet, pneumatic devices are installed in the bed column, reducing the footprint, simplify handling and installation, the machine operating panel placed in the machine right in front of a large shield, easy to manipulate. Machine uses a fully enclosed peripheral security guard, so that the process of coolant and iron safe full recovery. Axis turntable bridge plate structure, applicable to install complicated jig.

CNC engraving machine processing: processing capacity of roughing, finishing processing volume is small, so it was habitual roughing considered "heavy cutting" will finish as "light cutting." In fact, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing the process concept, which represent different stages of processing. Therefore, CNC engraving machines generally only do light cutting.

The main factors affecting the engraving: the machining is a relatively complicated process, factors that affect it more, it has the main characteristics of the machine tool control systems, material properties, processing technology, auxiliary clamp and the surrounding environment and other points . In determining whether CNC engraving machine can process a certain material, mainly to see how much can the tool, tool CNC engraving process used determines its maximum removal capacity. However, we generally do not recommend to carve steel.

CNC engraving machine and CNC milling machine distinction: Both processing principle is the same, engraving machine also uses the principles of milling,
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