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The Shenzhen International Cnc Machines Tool&Metalworking Exhibition 2016

     Time: December 7, 2016 --09 Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua Third Road, Futian District)

      Welcome to the "2016 Shenzhen International CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition" referred: "MME 2016", this will be based on CNC machine tools and metalworking manufacturing as the main international exhibition and trade of industrial equipment exhibition, held every December in Shenzhen. Since its inception, through specialization, market, international, brand operation, has developed into China CNC machine tools and industrial manufacturing sectors the most influential industry event, the South China equipment manufacturing field of the world's trade and an important window exchange and cooperation platform.

     "MME 2016" Organizing Committee for many years concentrated deep in the CNC machine tools and industrial manufacturing sectors, many customers receive the praise and widely recognized. By constantly sum up experience and in-depth and rigorous market research, "the multi-channel, three-dimensional, all-round," the exhibition industry policy to attract more exhibitors and professional buyers with high-quality audience, set for enterprises to build "brand display - trade talks - technological exchanges, "three high-end trade show platform to build a strong global CNC machine tools and metal processing industry's top event!

[Organization] MME 2016
Directed by: People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission
Shenzhen Economic Trade and Information Committee
Organizer: Shenzhen Society of Automation Industry 4.0 Industry Alliance Robot Association, Guangdong Province
Sponsor: TDC Shanghai Exhibition Services Ltd.
Supported by: China Machine Tool Industry Association
Taiwan Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association cum components
Guangdong Association of Automation
Automation and Robotics Association Taiwan wisdom

Publicity strategy WWE 2016]
  1, magazine and web advertising - every year more than 80 domestic and foreign magazines and industry the main site for promotion multidimensional;
  2, professional promotion - exhibition only allows visitors to visit the museum, including: metal processing, machinery manufacturing, mold processing, energy, electricity, electronic information, aerospace, household appliances, vehicle manufacturing, hardware, electronics, petrochemicals, glass ceramics, environmental protection \ building materials, aerospace, shipbuilding \ transportation, instrumentation and other fields and representatives of famous enterprises, inviting them to visit the procurement;
  3, a special invitation: industrial parks and industrial equipment and machinery industrial parks and economic development zones across the country to conduct in-depth cooperation, high-end enterprise organizations industry representatives delegation to visit, negotiate transactions;
  4, Association Media Cooperation: With more than 30 more than 80 national and regional associations of media to conduct a comprehensive promotion of cooperation;
  5, show publicity: Choose the most influential colleagues show, face to face with the merchants to promote, organize professional audience;
  6, discussions and exchange: a high level of organization of seminars and technical exchanges, invited industry leaders to discuss the industry will preside.

[Three advantages MME 2016]
Organizational advantages: all levels of government take the lead guide, a plurality of industry associations for their support, organizational skills class exhibition contractors whose operations;
Regional Advantage: Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region but the Chinese manufacturing industry cluster base, bringing together more than half of China's industrial manufacturing and supporting enterprises, with the world's most complete industrial chain, strong industrial base, has always been the major business battleground ;
Vector advantages: large area near 100,000㎡ modern exhibition hall, as the most professional and the largest in southern China CNC Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition, we will focus on service industry manufacturers, to create the world of CNC machine tools and metalworking industry leading event.
[Display range MME 2016]
◆ metal cutting machine tools exhibition: cars, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, machining centers (horizontal, vertical, gantry, combined) and the like; EDM, EDM, micro machining, engraving machines.
◆ metal forming machine tools exhibition: CNC bending machine, CNC shearing, flame cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, band saws, shears, high-speed precision presses, servo presses, extrusion machines, CNC turret punch, servo crank pressure machines, sheet metal hydraulic tensile machine, single-column / hydraulic machine, hydraulic straightening machine, hydraulic machine, hydraulic broaching machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machines, laser marking machines, laser engraving machines, laser (drilling) machine, cutter mold (laser cutter), CNC turret punch press mold, bending mold, all kinds of metal / stamping die; sheet metal surface treatment equipment (deburring machine), sheet metal testing equipment, sheet metal processing software;
◆ amount of cutting tools exhibition: various surface processing tools, combination tools, non-standard tools, tool coating, tool material, tool accessories, grinding machinery, various type of abrasive (consolidation, coated, superhard materials, fiber etc.), grinding materials, grinding accessories, coordinate measuring instrument, video projectors, laser interferometer, various micrometer, on the knife, tool measuring instrument, the mechanical properties of the instrument, surface roughness, etc.; manual, pneumatic, electric tools.
◆ machine tool accessories exhibition area: all kinds of machine tool components, machine tool accessories, machine tools, electrical, pneumatic components and systems, digital devices, lubricants, industrial cleaning, logistics equipment and other plant related products;



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